HOL Celebrates Islamic Traditions

Hope Out Loud believes that the world’s beauty lies within the richness of its culture and people. In honor of the ending of Ramadan, a charming holiday in the Islamic community, we would like to share some fun facts about this day.

Millions of Muslims around the world marked the start of Ramadan on Monday June 6th, and fasted for the month of June. This islamic holiday is aimed to cleanse and purify the body and spirit. The fasting is aimed to assist in this journey which consists of Individuals not consuming food or water from dawn to dusk to be recentered towards religious observance and self-reflection. Although followers of Islam do not necessarily fast for the entire month, they eat a pre-dawn meal called “suhoor” and break their fast after sunset each day with a meal known as “ifar,” which is usually shared with family and friends.

This fasting practice came to an end on Saturday June 24th where millions celebrated the end of Ramadan with a celebratory festival called “Eid-al-Fitr”. Eid-al-Fitr is usually celebrated for three days and consist of food, prayer, and spending time with family. This festival usually begins with a special early morning prayer in mosques, usually in an open-air area, and later in the afternoon, individuals participate in feasts and festivals with their loved ones.

Through this short trip that we just took to learn about Ramadan, HOL hopes that you got to learn something new about this celebration.