Don’t get pinched this St.Patrick’s day and wear some green! Although St.Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in the United Kingdom, the luck of the Irish has made it’s way throughout the whole world! It was first established as a religious holiday but has now become a day to celebrate the Irish tradition! HOL is here to help you celebrate this lucky holiday with these 5 green activities but before you do, don’t forget to wear green!

  1. St.Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Houses: Build a lucky leprechaun house this St. Patrick’s day with this activity. Your child will have a blast assembling their very own greenhouse and later getting to eat it! Click here to start creating this charming home!

  2. Rainbow Coin Toss: Help your child discover the pot of gold underneath the rainbow with this fun activity. Click here to start this fund-tastic game.

  3. Rainbow Sensory Activity: Look at all the colors in a rainbow and help your child work with their sensory skills with these activities. From being mesmerized by a rainbow sensory play activity to playing with light pattern ona CD, your child will get to enjoy a fun, memorable, and affordable activity! Click Here to learn more about these rainbow sensory activities.

  4. Magic! Turn an apple into a shamrock with this activity. Talk about magic! Your little one will have a blast creating this artistic project. Click here to start this lucky masterpiece.

  5. St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Play: This green science activity will not only help your child explore chemical reactions but will also enhance your child’s fine motor skills. Click here to start this magical leprechaun experiment.

On this St. Patrick’s day, HOL encourages you and your little one to cheer, laugh, and celebrate this special day!