In Southeast Asia, Cambodia is known for its historical monuments and natural treasures. But it is still recovering from decades of conflict and is considered one of the region’s poorest countries. Due to this economic deficit, the lack of health programs along with having  access to clean water is very limited. This country has the lowest sanitation coverage and the second lowest water supply in the region. Over 3.8 million people in Cambodia do not have access to safe water and over 380 children die each year from diseases caused by contaminated water and poor sanitation.

Hope Out Loud strives to not only assist these individuals with clean water but also to provide villages/communities with long-term resources that are necessary to succeed without. We provide these individuals with the tools necessary to extract clean water by developing water wells and distributing health sanitary kits throughout villages. Together we can help provide the children and families in this region to have  the necessary tools to access clean water and stay immune from diseases in this area of Asia.

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