Rwanda has been described as the “Switzerland of Africa” due to its mountainous terrains. With over 700,000 visitors each year, Rwanda’s beauty has been a sought after tourism location by  people all around the world. Yet despite it’s beauty, it is also a highly impoverished country with millions suffering from unsanitized water. Over 2 million people in Rwanda currently do not have access to safe drinkable water and about 4.5 million people have no access to adequate sanitation.

What can we do? We are able to directly make a difference in the lives of those suffering from poor sanitation through Hope Out Loud (HOL)! HOL strives to not only assist these individuals with clean water but to also provide the villages/communities that they are a part of with sustainable resources for survival such as developing clean water wells and distributing health sanitation kits. With just these two items, we can help do our part and provide children and families with the items that will help meet their immediate needs to stay healthy,

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