Friendships Make the World a Better Place

Our world faces many challenges like poverty, violence and human rights abuse. To confront these challenges and create a united vision of peace, the United Nations commemorated July 30th as the official International Day of Friendship. Through friendship and the development of strong ties bound by trust, we can contribute to the fundamental changes that are urgently needed to unite us all in one ultimate goal, peace and prosperity for all.

In addition to the International Day of Friendship established by the United Nations, the US has created their own National Friendship holiday, which is celebrated on every year on the first Sunday of August. On this day the nation is united in friendship and camaraderie in efforts to create a brighter tomorrow filled with hope in this country we call home.

HOL encourages you to reach out to your friends and loved ones. We recommend for you to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Furthermore we strongly encourage you to strengthen your current relationships and even create a new long lasting friendship.  Because together we can create lasting bonds and ties that will one day unite us in a stable, unified and long-lasting state of peace.