Happy Father’s Day

Being a father is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the world. Fathers and father figures have the power to change the lives of their loved ones. They also have the ability to inspire their little ones to pursue their future endeavors and dreams. A day to honor fathers has become commonplace in most countries around the world and is filled with beautiful and varying traditions. This year HOL is here to celebrate all the fathers around the world and show them how truly special they are!

USA: Father’s Day is widely known as an American holiday occurring every year on the third Sunday in June. This holiday can be dated back about 4,000 years to the Babylon age. Nowadays, Father’s day in America is commemorated with BBQ’s, gifts and spending quality time with dad!

Thailand: Father’s Day in Thailand falls on the same day as the birthday of King Bhumbibol Adulyade who is considered the Father of the Nation. Traditionally, people wear yellow and dads are honored with a radiant canna flower.

Brazil: Father’s Day is called “Dia de Pais” in Brazil and is celebrated on the second Sunday of August. In Brazil it is all about the meat! Families gather together for an all you-can-eat barbeque or “churrascos” either at home or at a “churrascaria,” aka Brazilian steakhouse.

Japan: Father’s Day in Japan is celebrated similarly to that of its American counterpart. On the third Sunday of June, kids in Japan present their papas with homemade gifts ranging from origami, beer glasses to sweets. The “Chichi No Hi” celebration, or Father’s Day, comes to a close with a family seafood meal.

Being a father is a task done by ordinary people with extraordinary powers. Fathers have the ability to become a child’s hero, confidant and friend. The impact that you will have on your child will last a lifetime. Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s around the world!