With summer just around the corner you may be planning your summer vacation. You start to think of the warm sun, the crisp ocean breeze, the clear water, and the magical sunset! Yet they dream may quickly fade away when you start to calculate the cost. Not to fret, Hope Out Loud is here to help you get that summer getaway with these budget friendly trips. Here are 5 amazing and affordable countries for the traveler on a budget.

  1. Mexico- Not only is this country a foodies dream but it also has an abundant amount of culture and is just beneath the USA, saving you transportation cost. Mexico is generally very affordable, but due to it’s popularity and location, the Yucatan is slightly more expensive than other parts of Mexico that receive less tourism. Budget travelers can survive on around $30 – $40 USD per day according to travel.come. To learn how you can get this Mexican getaway on a budget Click Here.

  2. Vietnam- Vietnam is stunning country filled with history and natural beauty. One of the natural wonders Vietnam has is Ha Long Bay, a 600-mile turquoise bay filled with huge limestone islands. Yet best of all, visiting this gorgeous country won’t break your bank! Click Here to estimate how much a trip to Vietnam will cost.

  3. India- A beautiful and majestic country. And if you know how to navigate your way around, you will be able to stretch your dollar to the max.You can even get on a train and travel around India for a few days at a time for just a couple bucks! Click Here to see how you can travel to the Taj Mahal on a budget!

  4. Honduras -Most people think of Costa Rica and even Nicaragua when they think of Central America. But Honduras is quickly becoming one of the rising hot spots for budget travelers looking to backpack on their own path. Fortunately, it’s very affordable and has that tropical paradise feel that summer travelers tend to look for. To start your Honduras’s adventure Click Here.

  5. Bulgaria- From the city to the beach, Bulgaria has it all! When people think of traveling to Europe, they usually get attracted by the west but quickly realize that these destinations are usually high priced to travel too. Because of this, Eastern Europe has become a travelers dream. You get the busy city life, the natural beaches, and the experience of a lifetime all in an affordable budget. Click Here to start your European adventure.

So pack that suitcase, book that flight, and go on an adventure that you will never forget. The world is waiting for you to discover it.